TEDxOdense speakers 2018

Irina-Elena Antonescu


Mikkel Gundersen


Heather Hansen

Speech expert

Alexander Mathiasen

Computer scientist

Torben Iversen


Aske Kreilgaard


Uffe Madsen

Final companion

Mette Sillesen


Kay Xander Mellish

Communications expert

Mariyah LeBerg


Katrine Pedersen


Hardeep Dhanjal

Human Development Expert

Andreas Okholm

Kite energy designer

Kajsa Vala


Bjarke Hellden

Mystery performer

Markus Engelberger

Graphic Recording

Barnabas Wetton

Your host at TEDxOdense 2018

Impressions from TEDxOdense 2018

Visionary Partners 2018

We’re a Danish design studio, working in the realm of children, culture and society – converting complex communication and knowledge into tangible, immersive experiences. We create positive impact through design. Just like the TED organization, we deeply believe that real and lasting positive impact begins by welcoming people from every discipline and culture to seek a deeper understanding of the world – yet every single initiative around the planet takes root in the local community. In this case Odense. We cannot imagine not being part of TEDxOdense.

Christian Mogensen, Partner, Director of New Business

Orifarm Group is an ambitious operator in the European market for pharmaceuticals. An important contribution to our success is our curiosity and our will to try new things - a driving force that continues to bring our business forward. Since its foundation in 1994, Orifarm has grown from an entrepreneurial start-up with 3 employees to a successful company with 1,100 employees, every day working to achieve our mission of REthinking the business of healthcare. Rethinking is also what TEDx is about; to create a space for sharing ideas and to plant seeds that can grow to become new solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. This is why Orifarm is a proud visionary sponsor of TEDxOdense.

Eva Berner, Vice President, Corporate HR & Communication, Orifarm

TEDx is an internationally acclaimed brand and speaker series that matches City of Odense's strategy to position Odense as a growth hub and frontier for robotics, health and drone technology. With its inclusion of Odense’s core competencies - robotics, health and drone technology - TEDxOdense supports City of Odense’s strategic focus and celebrates local talent and entrepreneurship, a growth arena that is also within the realm of City of Odense.

Louise Hansen, Head of Secretariat and Entrepreneurship, City of Odense

Growth Partners 2018

It is a great pleasure for Fyens Stiftstidende and fyens.dk to be a partner of TEDxOdense 2018, giving Odense an international boost.
Jørgen Volmer, Redaktionschef Aktualitet, samfund og erhverv Fyens Stiftstidende.

Jørgen Volmer, Redaktionschef Aktualitet, samfund og erhverv Fyens Stiftstidende


PwC is passionate about the development of companies and talents. We want to unite inspiration, insight and people. Being part of TEDxOdense is therefore obvious, and we are looking forward to spreading the good ideas of tomorrow!

Mette Holy Jørgensen, Partner at PwC

Instafilm is proud to deliver content for something as important as TEDxOdense. We are a full-service video production company made for social media and if there is something we love - it's sharing ideas. TEDxOdense is right up our alley and we look forward to collaborating.

Jesper Quistgaard, Creative Director

Since 1897 First Hotel Grand have held the position as Odense's premier hotel and conference venue. During the years, passionate people have shared their ideas, ambitions and results in our restaurant, bar and conference facilities. We are therefore proud to take part in the facilitation of TEDxOdense as natural extension of our company DNA.

Tina Jørgensen, Conference and event assistant

Start-up Partners 2018

I ♥ TEDxOdense Partners

Core team 2018

Steffie Limère

Head organizer and co license holder

Adam Montandon

Co license holder and speaker curation/coach

Line Basse Laursen

Head of Event Management

Maria Maja Keszeg

Event Management

Monika Kosman

Head of Marketing

Silviya Chovanska

Social media

Anna Robaczewska-Arendt

Social media

Theis Christensen

Video Production

Balša Nenezić


Raminta Karciauskiene

Head of Speaker Management

Michael Magee

Speaker Management

Kimberly Bent

Speaker Management

Ofelia Sapir Edery

Speaker Management

Ioana Lazarescu

Speaker Management

Kenneth Jakobsen


Franziska Kirstein


Maria Jæger Hundstrup

Maria Jæger Hundstrup

Jonas Vester Legarth

Photography and Partnerships

Adina Rizga

Art Director

Aneta Anna Duda

Graphic Design

Marieke Maatjes

Event management

Sarafina McPherson Kimø


Mikkel Frost Schjerning

Event management

Robert Koszewski

Event management

Helping hands 2018

Ania Goscinna

Diana Mwabala Naumann

Franciska Fellegi

Igor Neves Caser

Ioanna Alexiadou

Kasper Snæver Andersen

Katrine Secher

Lene Maagaard

Line Marie Andersen

Louise Freltoft Løvlund Lys

Jette Gebhardt

Maike Kjærulf-Møller

Maria Hollensen Eggersen

Markus Hofmann

Martin Schmidt Andersen

Mathilda Printzlau-Paulsen

Mikkel Klit Nielsen

Oscar Schofield

Shahjahan Laghari

Stefanos Nasiopoulos

Sylvio Kaschner

Seraphim Torge Kröger

Veronika Zemanova


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