3 reasons your boss should buy your ticket to this year’s TEDxOdense event!

Do you and your colleagues want to bring new ideas worth spreading to your company? TEDx events spark deep conversations and connections, and you're in luck - there’s one happening right here in Odense!

Here are 3 arguments that will convince your boss to buy your ticket to TEDxOdense 2018:

  1. We will inspire you! Watching our speakers present can inspire you to craft better messages, help you to listen and connect deeper, get you in a problem-solving spirit and spark new ideas. What you hear on stage - and from fellow attendees - will spark new thinking. Engaging in new kinds of thinking can benefit your work and your personal life. As one attendee wrote: “It was amazing and inspiring. I’m leaving as a better person because of it.”
  2. We will expand your world! TEDxOdense is where some of the boldest conversations are happening. They can help you kickstart the conversations your organization needs to have! At TEDxOdense, you’ll hear about new ways of thinking, learn how people are engaging with diversity internally and externally, and get new ideas for leveraging technology. You never know where your company’s next great idea may come from.
  3. We will connect you with a great community! The TEDxOdense community is a powerful network, offering connections across several fields and countries. TEDxOdense is not a place for high-pitched networking — it’s a place where you can connect over conversations that matter, and plant seeds for collaborations. TEDx talks are renowned for being highly engaging and thought-provoking. This reputation attracts fascinating people, both among the speakers and the audience.

Join us at TEDxOdense 2018 on April 14th to hear some ideas worth spreading. We look forward to seeing you there!

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