Where we want to go; to the Edge of Brilliance and beyond!

TEDxOdense had the pleasure of talking to Orifarm’s Head of Digital Development, Anders Skjoldemose Bech, about going to the Edge of Brilliance in the work one does.

Can you tell us who you are and what your position is at Orifarm?

I am Anders, I live in Vejle and I have 2 kids and a fiancé. I was hired here at Orifarm November last year, so I am quite new. I am the Head of Digital Development. I am in charge of one of these two areas of focus, digitalization and the other being innovation, that we have for the coming 4 years.

Can you tell us about Orifarm as a company from your perspective?

From my perspective, which is quite new and outside-in, we are one big family.
That is what really hit me for the first couple of months. It’s a very ambitions family, that really lives this ambition to be number one and keep growing but also keeps it grounded in this urge to give back. It creates a very nice balance to me.

Pharmaceuticals and motivational speaks might seem quite different to most people. How do you see Orifarm and TEDxOdense as being similar?

I think in many ways actually it’s a perfect fit for Orifarm, for where we are right now. Orifarm has been going through years of solid growth. And are looking to maintain this by pushing the limit and how we do things. Doing that comes from the employees, the men and women who drive the company.
In that way, motivation is the key driver of success and looking at what the people are doing, and other businesses; how can we constantly challenge ourselves to be inspired in our work, and that requires this outlook and curiosity. That is where I see the strong link.

The theme of TEDxOdense this year is The Edge of Brilliance. Are you ever on the Edge with your work?

I would like to think that we are traveling towards this brilliance! My work being in digitalisation, which is about transformation of what we have and status quo, to something that builds more value and opportunity. It’s a constant strive to be on the edge.
If you are not on the edge, you are not doing your job well enough. You constantly balance on the edge, sometimes you fall over, then you pull back, take a look, grab the learning, and adjust for the next journey we embark on. It’s about figuring out what works, how to do what we already do, in a better way, and that requires being on the edge.

And is Orifarm is a company that goes to the Edge in your opinion?

This year’s theme of TEDxOdense, The Edge of Brilliance, might as well be the headline of Orifarm’s strategy. We are right now embarking on a new journey with digitalization and innovation as the map, and customer centricity as the compass. As with all good adventures we do not have a precise bearing on the course ahead, but we do know where we want to go; to the edge of brilliance and beyond. With the explorer spirit, that still emanates in the company from our early beginning as a start-up, we will challenge ourselves and the industry to keep our pioneering position in making healthcare a better deal. That is why I am looking especially forward to being inspired by pioneering stories at this year’s TEDxOdense.
And, the work I do, or the work we do, because digitalization is not just me. We also have the Innovation leg. That is Orifarm.
Our job is to embed this into the culture. Not only to make it a part of the strategy, but to make that the strategy. So in that sense, Orifarm lives this edge of brilliance.
We are having a good year, so we could sit back, but we don’t do that. We look at how we can push even further, give even more back, and create more opportunities for the brilliant minds in our company.
I think what TEDxOdense is doing, the idea behind it, it is one of the most important things—to spread ideas so we can look at how we can constantly better ourselves.

That’s all for now - we hope to see you at Odeon on April 13th for TEDxOdense 2019! Secure your ticket here.

Author: Elisabeth Renée Sejbak

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