How we’re making TEDxOdense 2021

a COVID-19 safe event.


We’re counting the days until January 23rd, and we’re incredibly excited to see you in the real world, though at a distance! 

To make sure that you and your loved ones can attend a safe and stress-free event, we’ve implemented the following measures following the Danish Authorities Health and Safety guidelines:




1. Limited queuing

We’ve updated our arrival and registration process to eliminate queuing inside the theatre. No more waiting in line means faster entry within the theater. A win-win!

2. Limited seating

The available number of seats has been limited to less than 500 seats, to allow for social distancing in the large theater at Odeon.

3. Groups that come together, stay together

Groups of maximum 10 people can be seated together. On the day of the event, groups who arrive together will, where possible, remain seated together, and separated from other groups by at least one vacant seat. We encourage you to stay within your groups throughout the day, and share all the exciting ideas you’ll discover with your group of friends or family!

4. Breaks

During the breaks, please follow the directions of the staff for your comfort and safety. Our break areas will be less crowded as we will use both the ground and 1st floor of Odeon, giving you the space that you need to be safe and relaxed.

5. Hand sanitizer for everyone

Hand-sanitizing stations will be made available throughout the day at numerous locations in the theatre. We encourage you to use them as much as possible, to keep your hands squeaky clean!

6. Face masks

All attendees, staff, and volunteers must wear face masks or other approved guards, such as visors, covering both mouth and nose when moving around the venue. Once seated, these may be taken off.



Why host a conference during a global pandemic?

At TEDxOdense, we believe that spreading inspiration, hope, and a sense of community is crucial in uncertain times. Ideas are a powerful force that bring us together, and remind us of our humanity.

The safety of our audience, and of our team is paramount for all of us. We would like to reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to make our event as safe as possible, and we would also like to ask you for your help, support, and understanding, for the comfort and safety of yourself, and those around you.

When will TEDxOdense take place?

TEDxOdense 2021 will take place on Saturday, January 23rd, 2020, at Odeon, Odense.

Will I get the same high quality experience I have come to expect from TEDxOdense?

Yes. Our team has worked hard behind the scenes to create an excellent, safe experience for you, with brilliant speakers, captivating performers, surprising ideas, and big thinking. However, we will be making some practical changes to comply with COVID-19 regulations, and we ask for your understanding in that matter.

What guidelines are you following to ensure we stay safe?

Our event will strictly comply with all regulations from the Danish Health Authority. Because these guidelines can change at short notice, this may impact upon your experience. We ask you to please be safe, and be understanding towards our team who will work hard to ensure your comfort and safety. We reserve the right to remove anyone who fails to comply. We will continually stay updated as regulations change and we will notify all our attendees on the guidelines that must be followed at the event in advance.

How many people will be inside Odeon?

The maximum number of people inside the venue will be 500. That number includes our audience, our speakers, our and the venue’s staff, press, and volunteer team. Because of this, tickets are strictly limited. Please do not arrive at the venue without a ticket as you will not be admitted. Tickets can be purchased via
The Odeon Venue is very large, and normally seats up to 1700 people. This means that we can use the space effectively to spread the audience and team across the venue, keeping a safe distance at all times, and maximising the square meters per person. We ask that you follow instructions from our staff to make sure you maintain a safe distance.

How will seats be allocated?

On arrival, you will be given an allocated seat. We ask you to remain in your seat for the duration of the conference. Where possible, rules permitting, you may sit close by to your friends or family members if you arrive together, but this is not guaranteed.
Seats will be placed on both the upper and lower levels of the venue. Seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis
If you have special seating needs, require wheelchair access, or have other seating concerns, please email 14 days before the event, and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

What happens if I get sick before the event?

We politely ask that if you feel sick, or show any of the signs of COVID-19, that you please stay at home and avoid the event. You may e-mail your digital ticket to another person and they are welcome to take your place. There is no administration fee or penalty to give your ticket to another person, or to resell it.

What happens if I am unable or unwilling to attend the event in person?

All the talks will be professionally filmed and will be available online after the event for you to view in the comfort and safety of your own home. We hope that you will choose to follow the talks online.

What happens if the restrictions become tighter and the event cannot go ahead?

In the unlikely situation that the event cannot go ahead on January 23rd, we will e-mail all ticket holders on the address they purchased the ticket with. We will choose another date in the future, and your ticket will be valid for the new date. If you are unable to attend on the new date you will have 14 days to claim a full refund.

Will I have to wear a mask?

We understand that for many people, wearing a mask may be uncomfortable. We would ask you to follow all rules provided by the Danish Health Authority, and wear a mask or visor when moving around the venue. All staff will be wearing masks throughout the event — rest assured we are smiling underneath!

Will masks be available?

We politely request that you bring your own mask that meets your individual comfort and safety needs.

What handwashing facilities are available?

Hand sanitizer will be available at various points around the venue. We also encourage regular hand washing with soap and water in available bathroom facilities at Odeon.

What cleaning precautions are you taking?

We will have a dedicated team responsible for cleaning and sanitizing high-contact surfaces such as door handles, bathroom areas, and other surfaces.

What other changes can we expect?

We have streamlined our ticket process to be zero-touch. Your ticket will be scanned via barcode on your phone, or print-out.
Our arrival and registration process has been streamlined to minimise queuing.
Our break area will be modified to give you more space, and a quieter atmosphere.


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