TEDxOdense 2019 speakers revealed

Helen Russell

Helen is a British journalist, author, and speaker. As the former editor of marieclaire.co.uk, she now writes for magazines and newspapers around the world, including The TelegraphStylist, and The Times and The Sunday Times. Helen is also a correspondent for The Guardian.

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Helen’s first book, The Year of Living Danishly – Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country, is now an international bestseller. She has also authored two more non-fiction titles: Leap Year, and the bestseller The Atlas of Happiness. Last year Helen published her debut novel, Gone Viking.

When someone asked this happiness researcher “What if I don’t want to be happy?“, she got inspired to do some research on “How to be miserable”. In her brand new talk, Helen will explore happiness with you in a witty, unconventional way.

As an author of many books on happiness, when asked how she handles bad days, she replies thought-provokingly, “Nowadays, optimism isn’t frivolous, it’s necessary.

Dr. Imran Rashid

Imran is a Danish doctor of family medicine, digital entrepreneur, bestselling author, keynote speaker, and the founder of SundDigital—a consultancy business focusing on healthy digital habits.

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Imran’s first book ‘Sluk—kunsten at overleve i en digitaliseret verden’ quickly became a national bestseller, and he published his first book in English in the UK in January 2019 under the title Offline: Free Your Mind from Smartphone and Social Media Stress.

A pioneer in the combined fields of health and technology, Imran uses his formal schooling to bridge the gap between medicine and tech to highlight the unhealthy ways in which new, smart technology interacts with our old brains.

On what his upcoming TED talk will focus on, Imran states: “I want to make people aware of how digital pollution is a new and dangerous lifestyle risk factor as well as a threat to humanity’s free will, and why the ‘there’s an app for that’-philosophy is dehumanizing our modern world. People need to re-learn how to consciously use their smart devices.”

Lene Gammelgaard

Lene was the first Scandinavian woman to climb Mount Everest. Since making the incredible ascent in 1996, Lene has harnessed all that she learned about herself and the human psyche into a method for all to accomplish their Everest. From South America to Africa, she has lead expeditions to epic peaks and inspired the biggest companies in the world. 🏔

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Lene has mountains of wisdom from venturing into the unknown and working with global companies and has written several books. Her bestseller, Climbing High, details the fateful expedition where she powered through the most extreme event that had ravaged Everest and claimed eight of her fellow climbers’ lives. 

It’s natural to take stock in what’s around us in the face of extreme situations, but when asked if she had any epiphanies while climbing Mount Everest, Lene firmly stated, “no.” Her only goal was success, and that meant absolute focus on what would help her reach her goal—an unwavering mental focus, which Lene calls THE EVEREST WAY. 🧠

At TEDxOdense 2019, you’ll get to join Lene on a journey beyond the edge and learn to say yes to your Mount Everest.

Gudrun Bojesen

Gudrun is a former principal dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet and will take us on a master-class of perfection.

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Known for her technique and incredible radiance, she has been acclaimed for her many roles in ballet performances such as The Lady Of The Camellias, Giselle, Swan Lake and Nutcracker. She gives every piece of herself on stage and attracts the spectator into a dream world with the greatest emotions.

She will step onto our iconic red dot to share her insights on how to overcome the mental and physical challenges of becoming a professional dancer.
What does it take to have such unwavering dedication to the pursuit of perfection?

Niaz Bayati

Born in Iraq to Kurdish parents, Niaz has always drawn, designed, and been interested in art from a very small age. In 1994, he had to flee to Iran because of his opposition to the Iraqi regime.

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His active struggle against the assault on the Kurdish population meant he was imprisoned many times and had to flee to Iran in 1994. He remained there for a year, of which he was imprisoned for 11 months.

Now in Denmark, he is an expert with sculpture and image making. He has made ceramics and paintings for Queen Margrethe, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, and Foreign Minister Lene Espersen, commissioned by the Iraqi Embassy.

But behind every one of Niaz’s artworks is a hidden message hiding between the edge of light and darkness. Niaz talks not with words, but with art.

Join us on April 13th and see for yourself!

Simon Høegmark

Nature guide Simon Høegmark will take you out in the wildness where your natural instincts will be awaken!

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Simon is currently writing his PhD at the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Denmark, where he is conducting a study on the effects that nature has on anxiety, depression, stress, and burnout. Simon is also affiliated with Naturama and has his own company Vinatur.

He will take you on a journey from a stressful society to a mountain top in Norway, back down and out in the forest.
Simon will share his own story and invite you to see the healing power of reconnecting with nature.

Put on your boots and take a step outside with Simon.

Dennis Glanby

Swedish-born, Dennis Glanby is what might best be described as a tall, blue-eyed, blond, modern day Scandinavian Viking. Having spent most of his life focusing on motor sports and drag racing, all was turned upside down the day Dennis first took part in a Viking reenactment sword fight. As he heard the metallic clink of two blades connecting, something instinctual and deeply rooted clicked in him, and his life has never been the same since.

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On April 13th, Dennis will share his heart-felt and memorable story of returning home. For him, the process went through reenacting Viking fights in full armour, but the yearning and longing for connection and community runs deeper than that, he says. He describes it as cellular memory, that the lessons our ancestors learned are deeply ingrained in us to learn from as well. Dennis now shares what he dug out of the past to help people find this deeply rooted call in a modern-day society, and to charge right at it.

At TEDxOdense, Dennis will take you on a 1000-year journey through time, and back again. Get ready to connect with your roots and be blown away by the ancient Nordic teachings. 

James Rogers

James is a British assistant professor of War Studies at SDU in Odense and a visiting fellow at Yale University. His research focuses on drone warfare, contemporary security policy, and the history of warfare.

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Currently, James is focusing his attention on the future of conflict, and how drones are being used maliciously by terrorist groups and non-state organizations for assassinations, surveillance, missile drops, spying, and to disrupt vulnerable domestic targets. 

At TEDxOdense, James will tell us more about rogue drones. He will start by telling us how they impact air traffic, before exploring the darker side of this modern-day technology. The question is not IF a drone will ever hit a plane or helicopter—this has already happened—it is WHEN this will happen again, and what the fatal consequences may be. 
As James himself puts it: “Humanity’s most heinous atrocities have been carried out using tools made with the best intentions. Small ‘toy’ drones have the potential to cause large scale chaos and disruption.”

At TEDxOdense 2019, Dr. James Rogers explores this uncharted landscape and explains how drones might impact our future.

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