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Marie Laursen

Marie Laursen is a public speaker and known nationally from the documentaries The Girl with the Glass Bones (“Pigen med knogler af glas”) and The Glass Girl with the Iron Will (“Glaspigen med jernviljen”).

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 Marie was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta—a severe type of brittle bone disease which causes her bones to break as easily as glass. By the age of 22, she had broken about 500 bones. Her body is filled with rods and screws that hold her together and just one fall from her wheelchair could potentially kill her. At TEDxOdense, Marie will tell her story about not letting circumstances stand in the way of her living her life. The risk of breaking bones is much higher when Marie ventures out and is active, but this is also what brings her joy in life, and to Marie, a joy-filled life is more important than an unbridled one.


Christian Lass

After reading the book Watchmaking by George Daniels in 2002, Christian was inspired to learn the old and complex craft of watchmaking, with the goal of constructing and perfecting microscopic components in order to build handmade watches. 

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Christian has worked for more than a decade at the absolute top by becoming the watchmaker for the biggest and most prestigious collection in the world—restoring and analyzing ancient and rare timepieces from the past 500 years.
After returning to Denmark, Christian has set up a workshop where he constructs and builds timepieces, drawing out the essence of what he learned through his career working with some of the most extraordinary watches and timepieces in history.
In Christians talk, you'll learn much more about the art of building watches, and how he combines art, passion, and craftsmanship in order to create a truly unique timepiece.


Morten Bonde

Morten Bonde is a skilled art director with twenty years of experience developing advertising campaigns for brands in Denmark and abroad. He’s worked with both large and small companies and most recently has been responsible for many successful LEGO commercials and animated short films.

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Morten Bonde tackles a genetic disorder, ‘Retinitis Pigmentosa,’ that slowly changes the way he sees the world. In 2016, his vision was so critically changed that his life couldn’t continue as before. His whole world collapsed.

Today, Morten has an active career in the LEGO Group and is a published author and motivational speaker on self-management and self-motivation.

In his TEDx Talk, Morten shares how he decided to see possibilities rather than limitations. He tells how he moved from depression and stress to once again serving as a Senior Art Director at LEGO. He will demonstrate that the key to such a transformation lies in the ability to focus on the good in life rather than the bad.

Charlotte Kroløkke

Charlotte Kroløkke

Charlotte is a professor with special responsibilities in Cultural Studies at the University of Southern Denmark. In her work, she focuses on understanding how reproductive technologies fuel new and old imaginaries related to who, when, and how humans are able to reproduce and create a family. 

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Here, she argues that reproduction has entered a new "ice age," where freezing one's reproductive substances is not only possible but, in the commercial images, even wise. Charlotte uses patient stories, biomedical accounts, and pop culture to critically talk about how the ability to freeze animates new and old understandings of our reproductive lives. At TEDxOdense, Charlotte will talk about how reproduction has entered this new era: the ability to cryopreserve reproductive cells, tissue and embryos are fundamentally changing our understanding of what it means to be a reproductive citizen

Mai Einsbohr Rasmussen

Mai Einsbohr Rasmussen

Mai is an animator who owns her own production company, Light Aim, where her natural ability for storytelling shines through! In her work, Mai’s aim is to communicate ideas and concepts through captivating animations, narratives, and storytelling. 

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By turning the abstract into something concrete, the incomprehensible into understandable, and the boring into something exciting, she uses her animations to convey, not only entertain. In her talk at TEDxOdense, Mai will tell the story of how she followed her dreams of becoming an animator, and how she learned along the way that reaching your dreams is not about making the right choices, but rather about creating the right options!

 Qasim Ahmed Nuur

Qasim, also known as Q, is a barber and has been the owner of Q’s Barbershop in Vollsmose since 2014. Q recounts how he hit rock bottom in 2012, having arrived in Odense with his pregnant wife, but not being able to provide for his family. Vowing to himself and his family to turn the situation around, Q harnessed his internal entrepreneurial spirit and decided to open his own barbershop. 

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At this point, he had no prior barber experience, and he could only just afford two hard chairs and two mirrors. However, Q soon learned to cut like a pro, and customers poured in because he was always good for a talk or a piece of advice. Only a year later, he could afford to renovate and upgrade the whole shop! Now, Q can call himself a true entrepreneur, as he has developed and is soon launching his newest venture, an app called Stay Sharp for professional barbers all over the world. At TEDxOdense, Q will talk about his time in Somalia during the war and about his complicated life journey, filled with breakdowns and breakthroughs, all of which have brought him to Denmark and to the life he is living today.

Gabor Vosteen

Gabor Vosteen

Gabor Vosteen is a recorder player and comedian. Having studied both the recorder at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover and Movement Theatre at Ecole Lassaad in Brussels, Gabor took his unique mixture of virtuosic recorder playing and visual, non-verbal comedy on the road, touring festivals, concert houses, cabarets, and circuses, sharing his enthusiasm for making music with young and old alike.. 

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His shows have led to esteemed collaborations and resulted in appearances at concerts, festivals, and on television in several countries, as well as in several European tours, and upcoming Asian and Nordic ones. In the midst of all the glory, Gabor is deeply engaged in music outreach and education.  

Frederikke A Schmidt

Frederikke A. Schmidt

Frederikke is a Danish entrepreneur and founder of roccamore, the shoe company for comfortable, feminine high heels.  At the age of 24, Frederikke moved to Italy to become a shoe designer, where she worked with leading fashion brands.

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When she moved back to Denmark in 2014, she started her own label of comfortable high heels, with a mission for all women to feel great about standing up for who they are. Roccamore has managed to triple in size every year since, and today more than 18,000 women are standing strong in their roccamores! At TEDxOdense, we're excited to bring you shoes that will make you stand both tall and comfortably, as Frederikke and roccamore will have a whole area for trying out shoes during the breaks.

Patricia Bbaale Bandak

Patricia Bbaale Bandak

Patricia was born in Kampala, Uganda as the second youngest out of nine siblings. With her father and siblings, she came to Denmark at two years old after the murder of their mother. Here, they grew up as one of the first African families on Falster.

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At a very young age, Patricia decided that the island of Falster was not challenging enough for her and she was curious to explore beyond. She thus packed her things and moved to Copenhagen and later decided to live abroad for a few years. When she began studying Culture and Media in Sweden, she was introduced to filmmaking and instantly fell in love, after which she decided to apply for The National Film School of Denmark. She graduated in June 2019 and since then, her graduate film has been nominated for a Robert Prisen (Danish Academy Award), she has won the Nordic Talents 2019, and her first feature film is now in development. 

At TEDxOdense, you will have the opportunity to hear Patricia tell the story of her early years in Uganda and the challenges her family faced as one of the first African families on a small Danish island. Patricia will talk you through how she became fond of filmmaking, and how her many breakdowns led to the major breakthrough of her finding her vocation.

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Our world is breaking down. Our environment is broken, our lives are broken, our spirits, our bodies, our society, our laws, our businesses, our futures are all broken. People everywhere are breaking down.

New ideas are breaking through. Technology is breaking through, talent is breaking through, optimism, hope, determination, perfectionism, positivity, and a vision for the future is now breaking through. People everywhere are breaking though.

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