TEDxOdenseWomen celebrates women, sharing success stories from Denmark’s innovators, leaders, and doers who have made a positive impact on their community and/or in their field of work.

This event brings together 5 live unique speakers from Denmark. Our live speakers are presented alongside selected speakers from the global TEDWomen, whose videos are then premiered at TEDxOdenseWomen.

TEDxOdense Women 2018 speakers

Emilie Møllenbach

Product Design Lead at MobilePay

Emilie's story

The small overlap between what we want to create in the world, and what is within our power to create, is the space that designers look for. MobilePay’s product design lead Emilie Møllenbach spends her time understanding how humans interact with digital systems to make simple solutions for complicated problems. She noticed how small changes can have a big impact. A swipe, a click, a keypress, might seem insignificant to most. But to an interaction designer like Møllenbach, great meaning can be found in the smallest of things. What if you could use those same observations to help design a better interface to yourself? “The war for gender empowerment is a war inside of me - And it is not really a gender issue, but an issue of being human” Møllenbach has decades of experience as a digital design academic, educator, and practitioner, and has a personal passion for behavioural, developmental psychology and spiritual self-development. “It’s not about being a woman, it is about being human”

Beatriz Hernandez de Fuhr

Mentor Network's Coordinator at Kvinfo

Beatriz's story

How do we make meaningful connections between two women? Meet Beatriz Hernandez de Fuhr, who has spent the past years connecting over 8000 women together, with an idea that is so simple, and so successful, it has been replicated in 30 countries around the world. KVINFO, the Danish Center for Information of Gender Equality and Diversity, features a Mentor Network designed by anthropologists Gunhild Riske in 2002. It started as a pilot project to enhance integration of immigrant and refugee women into Danish society. By focusing on strengthening women’s active participation in society, KVINFO's Mentor Network helps women achieve goals such as entering the Danish job market and integrating into society. “The most amazing thing about the mentor network is that everybody can contribute, mentors, mentees and also us learn a lot from the process” Beatriz says. “This isn’t just another program, this is a life experience. I help bring real change into the lives of women.”

kvinfo.dk mentor.kvinfo.dk

Lesley Ann Brown

Author and poet

Lesley's story

Trinidadian-American writer and activist, Lesley-Ann Brown, explores motherhood, migration, identity, nationhood and how it relates to land, imprisonment, and genocide for Black and Indigenous peoples. Having moved to Copenhagen, Denmark from Brooklyn over 18 years ago, Brown attempts to contextualise her and her son’s existence in a post-colonial and supposedly post-racial world. Through deeply personal, poetic letters to her son, Brown writes the past into the present – creating a challenging, engaging, beautiful and dramatic talk that starts with the seemingly simple question: What country are you from? “As a woman, my country is the whole world” What treasures lie beneath the surface of our understanding of our mothers, that shape who we are today? What powerful stories guide our existence and understanding of the past? We all have a responsibility to tell our story. Through our exploration and acceptance of other perspectives, can we begin to pave the way towards liberation in hopes of understanding who we truly are? *This talk contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.



Jenifer Clausell-Tormos

Founder & CEO at Develop Diverse

Jenifer's story

What if we could check our writing for gender bias using the same tools we use to check for spelling errors? Meet Jenifer Clausell-Tormos, a research scientist with a PhD in Biochemistry and Technology Development, and her software GScan - A spell-checker for gender. If you could remove gender bias from text as easily as you can remove spelling mistakes, how would it change the world? Clausell-Tormos has the idea that technology can help achieve faster gender balance and diversity particularly in businesses. By running her gender scanner over job ads, it can make job descriptions equally attractive to both talented women and men by neutralizing the gender of their content. Gender neutral job ads can lead to a more balanced workforce. “By making every man and woman aware of their own unconscious biases we can change how gender is represented in the workplace”

Develop Diverse on LinkedIn

Mie Pedersen

Mie's story

Mie Pedersen wants to give you a taste of her most creative ideas. 33 year old Pedersen has over 15 years experience in the restaurant industry, and tonight she will share more than just a passion for food. She will serve up the secret stories behind her culinary creations. Giving you more than just a taste of an idea. Designed especially for the exclusive TEDxOdenseWomen dinner, Pedersen’s 12-course menu walks us through the flavours of her stories. From the sweet to the sour, her zest for expression, the essence of childhood, the aromas of a memory, and the seasoning of life. Pedersen puts her best ideas directly on your plate. “I’m passionate about being creative in the kitchen. But I’m also determined, and reach out for my goals. I’m always up for challenges and like to experiment until I get the results I dream of.” Drawing her inspiration from traditional Danish dishes, French cuisine and her own family birthday meals and Christmas lunches, Pedersen reinvents the whole idea of “festive”. She puts an unexpected spin on taste marriages, textures and colours. Get to savour the flavours of Pedersen’s creations as she tells the story of how her exquisite dishes came into existence.

Mary Margaret Sønderlund


Mary's story

“Every day has the potential to expand your perspective.” Your host for TEDxOdenseWomen is the incomparable Meg Larrabee Sønderlund. American born and bred, across California, New York, Massachusetts, Kentucky and North Carolina, Sønderlund made the quantum leap across the pond to Denmark in 1970. Here, she puddle-jumped from art studies, marriage, children, and degrees in English and business from SDU. Sønderlund says she has “worked forever” teaching and coaching English, creating her own one-woman translation bureau, and more recently teaching at TietgenSkolen, then Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt and now University College Lillebælt. As a mentor to hundreds of students in global communication, innovation and entrepreneurship, Sønderlund’s generous spirit, effervescent personality and kind heart make her the perfect host to guide us through the first ever TEDxOdenseWomen.

“I’m honoured, thrilled and a little terrified.”

Ania Rybacka, Łukasz


Impressions from TEDxOdense Women 2018

TedxOdense Women 2018 Partners

Being a part of TEDxOdenseWomen is obvious for us it is an opportunity for sharing successes from women innovators and leaders. We hope to inspire and create a belief among talents to be able to take gender diversity to the next level. Together, we can generate strong and competent female leaders.

Mette Holy Jørgensen, Partner at PwC

Since 1897 First Hotel Grand have held the position as Odenses premier hotel and conference venue. During the years passionate people have shared their ideas, ambitions and results in our restaurant, bar and conference facilities. We are therefore proud to take part in the facilitation TEDxOdense as natural extension of our company DNA.

Tina Jørgensen, Conference and event assistant

In-kind support

TEDxOdenseWomen Team 2018

Steffie Limère

Head organizer and co license holder

Steffie's story

Steffie is the head organizer and co-license holder for TEDxOdense. She started as a TEDx organizer in 2014, where she ran a university TEDx event: TEDxEAL. After 2 great TEDxEAL editions she and Adam decided to take it to a city level, and so TEDxOdense was born. Now, she saw the need for a TEDxOdenseWomen event, creating the first TEDxWomen event in Denmark. Besides TEDx, Steffie runs her own event company, Unfolding Events, where she works as a freelance event manager and works on events such as Thinkers50, Schunk Expert days and her own event concepts such as Factory of Imagination.

“Why TEDxOdenseWomen and not TEDxOdenseMen a lot of people ask me. When women win, we all win. By shining an extra spotlight on women’s achievements, I hope we can inspire more women to turn into role models. This event is important for me as I am a woman myself and I need this for me. I need more female examples.”

Monika Kosman

Head of Marketing

Monika's story

Monika has been involved in TEDxOdense since its very beginning, where she volunteered her time to help with event management and marketing. That’s when she discovered her passion for social media and her flair for event management. She loves to travel and juggle many projects at the same time, currently combining starting up her own marketing company, freelancing in event management, and leading the Marketing Team of TEDxOdense.

“I have decided to join TEDxOdenseWomen, because I resonated with the idea of celebrating women’s achievements, as opposed to focusing on the negativity that often derives from women’s struggles. I see TEDxOdenseWomen as a conversation starter and a platform for showing fantastic examples of how we can move beyond the focus on gender. My personal goal is to be able to simply put a spotlight on people doing great things to celebrate women and their achievements, that made a positive impact on their community or field of work.“

Anna Robaczewska-Arendt

Social media

Anna's story

Anna is a communication professional with over 5 years of experience in PR, social media and brand management. She has been involved in TEDxOdense since 2017. Currently, Anna is a Head of Communications in a startup designing learning experiences for companies looking for digital transformation. She is passionate about connecting people and building communities. She loves travelling, vegan cooking and indie movies. She is responsible for TEDxOdenseWomen social media and PR activities.

“I was always disturbed by the observation that at some point girls stop believing that they can become astronauts, presidents or CEOs. That’s simply not right. In my opinion, the only way to change that is to show girls and women great role models and simply celebrate women’s achievements. I believe that when women show up for each other and support each other, great things happen. I was very happy to find like-minded people among TEDxOdenseWomen team and I’m very excited to bring this special event to live.”

Kimberly Bent

Speaker Management

Kimberly's story

Kimberly is a master’s graduate of International Security and Law. Known to her family as “The Peacemaker”, she is committed to making a difference in people’s lives through her passion for justice, human rights, and the law. Driven by curiosity and a passion for learning, she loves to share ideas and innovative solutions about how we all can contribute to making the world a better place for everyone. “I have been in love with TED Talks since 2006. In 2011, I saw Dr. Brene Brown’s TED talk about the Power of Vulnerability. Her talk got me to think, and it inspired me to be a better and stronger version of myself. When I saw an opportunity to volunteer for TEDxOdenseWomen, I couldn’t resist wanting to be a part of what inspires people, changes them, and keeps them moving forward. TEDxOdenseWomen is the first of its kind, and I am excited to be part of a platform that supports brilliant women bringing their ideas to life.”

Ofelia Sapir Edery

Speaker Management

Ofelia's story

Curiosity, imagination and how people learn, are among the factors that captivate Ofelia immensely at the moment. She has experience with exploring these concepts through anthropological fieldwork both in Denmark and internationally. Other than being extremely interested in understanding other people’s worldviews, she is very passionate about watching and playing basketball, and enjoying peaceful and breathtaking moments when hiking in nature. ““One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.” ― Beauvoir. To me, It’s so important to acknowledge and respect the cultural norms and values applied to the gender-related discussions, from various perspectives. From that standpoint we can explore the process of ‘becoming’ and move beyond the narratives already told and start debating and deciding, what future narratives we want to tell. Needless to say, TEDxOdenseWomen is the perfect physical and mental platform for this discussion to take place.”

Ioana Lazarescu

Speaker Management

Ioana's story

Ioana is a communication professional with an cross-sector approach to the industry: she has 9 years of experience coaching top level managers to be better communicators in the English language, and 4 years of experience as marketeer & PR, advising companies on their communication strategies. She believes business is one of the most fascinating forms of creativity and loves helping these creators find their words. Since moving to Denmark she has become a part of Still Words - a small company providing visual identity services - from photography to consultancy. “I have often wished I could be a boy for one day, out of pure curiosity, yet always knowing I would still want to be a girl again the next day. I joined TEDxOdenseWomen because I dream that I will live to see the day when such an idea is not only doable, but also unexceptional - the day when being a boy or a girl is unimportant and uninteresting, to everybody else except perhaps oneself.”

Adina Rizga

Art director

Adina's story

Currently working as a freelance graphic designer, Adina is also a “yes” person who always likes to jump into new adventures. She is passionate about media, technology and especially amazing design - in digital, print and everyday things. Her life ideology is all about that one must never stop learning new things in order to live life to its fullest. “I joined TEDxOdenseWomen team because I already have been involved with TEDxOdense events since its very beginnings. This was a great opportunity to continue working on another, wonderful event with the smart and amazing people from earlier collaborations and meet new, interesting personalities. It is definitely a gain for me personally and professionally.” adinarizga.com

Aneta Anna Duda

Graphic Design

Aneta's story

Aneta has been involved in TEDxOdense for two years, where she joined as a volunteer to help with graphic design and marketing for the event. Aneta is creative and passionate graphic designer, who strives to deliver the inspiring and simple solutions. She believes that the minimalism and clarity is a key to a great design. Although her passion is graphic design, Aneta has a Bachelor degree in Marketing Management as well as Innovation & Entrepreneurship. “Few years ago, my mom came up to me and said that she will speak at the TEDxWSB conference in Poland. They loved her school concept she created and I was proud of her. She is my role model. I saw the opportunity to be a volunteer at TEDxOdenseWomen. I decided that it would be an amazing way to inspire people by celebrating women’s achievements, that influenced their work field. I believe that we can encourage more women by bringing some role models on the TEDxOdenseWomen stage.”

Adam Montandon

Speaker Coach and co licence holder

Adam's story

Inventor, author, innovator, and educator, Adam Montandon loves to share his knowledge and energy. He uses playfulness and interactivity to help you unlock your full creative potential. He has given inspiring keynotes at many universities and events around the world. Highlights include the prestigious Royal Institute of Science in London, Berkeley University in California, Transmedial in Berlin, MipTV in Cannes, TEDxLinz in Austria, and many more. His work appears in magazines, newspapers and TV programs around the world. He has featured in award-winning documentaries for Discovery Channel and Research TV. “I wanted to bring the TEDx concept to the city of Odense, and it is my absolute pleasure to work with so many talented people from around the world to bring this very special event to the city.”

Alina Strihhartsuk

Stage Design

Alina's story

Alina loves beautiful things and she thinks that craftsmanship is a main principle of a great design. Alina finished BA in Multimedia Design and Digital Concept development, but quickly realized that her heart (and hands) belong to design of everyday objects. Therefore, now she is studying MSc in IT Product Design, where she does everything from sewing to soldering. She follows the idea of Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking. “I believe that TedxOdenseWomen is the place where we can embrace our talents and be proud of our achievements. It is the place where speakers and guests can inspire each other and remind themself that what we do - matters. In fact it matters to me a lot that I can bring my passion for design into the event and spread the creative vibes.” madebyalina.com


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